1 November 2018

This is by Modern Caravan 

There are a plethora of people that claim they can but I am only listing the ones I have witnessed the work of, used myself or have glowing testimonials from those who have..

The Modern Caravan
These two girls (Kate & Ellen) have a waitlist for if you already own a trailer but they are currently doing one for sale that they purposely bought themselves.
They are not cheap but that is for a VERY good reason.. their finishes and attention to detail is above and beyond delicious.

Mavis the Airstream
Mavis 1.0 was renovated and sold and now Mavis 2.0 is on the way.
Sheena and Jason use Moon Trailers (also listed) for foundation work but also do most of their own and are beautiful people with fabulous connections.

This is Mavis's Style

Daisy and Damian do some beautiful work and have a few under their belt so a solid catalog of work for you to look back on. They are based in Bend, Oregon

Steady Streamin Cashios
Colleen and Zach have lived tiny and to shell off restorations with heart. Having been Airstream dwellers I feel they have a good feel for what works best too..

Penelope the Airstream
Crista and Marlon currently have one under the belt and are doing another whilst living in another. They have a YouTube channel where you can see previous work too. They are based in Missouri
Julia and Kyle did their first Airstream Willow in 2017/18 and it was perfection. They are currently working on another for a client and will be starting a waitlist for future wants and needs of others. These guys are in Michigan

Cedar Stream
Nathalie and Louis live in their first renovation and are up for another if you want to get in touch. Louis is a phenomenal carpenter so you would be wise to make use of those skills and consider as much timber in your project as possible is my advice.

Cedar.Stream living the life
The Herlockers are a family that are living in one whilst renovating one so again have insider knowledge.. they are Cali based currently

Moon Trailers
Moon Trailers are an extension of Mavis the Airstream and add some age and experience to the crew.. Based in Georgia they are doing some amazing work.